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Astrology as it is....

Astrology the occult Indian Science has its importance and application since time immemorial. Astrology adopted with true understanding and practical implementation can make wonders to one's life. The common mis understanding that Astrology is a science of prediction of the future is to be removed from our psyche and we have to look at Astrology in terms of true science which it is and should be applied strictly according to the norms laid therein.

Vastu shastra as it is....

Vastu Shastra is a well known science which serves to create an abode with proper insight into the intrinsic aspects of building a house and living in it. Vastu is widely misunderstood or wrongly propagated to induce a commercial aspect into it. But Vastu shastra basically deals with a most systematic way of constructing a house and nothing more and nothing less and no superstition is attached to the pure science that it is.

Samudrika as it is....

Samudrika is a science dealing with reading of your palm to read the future course of possible developments which will enable us take some important decisions regarding the selection of job, knowing our creative capabilities, our future health issues etc... But again Samudrika can serve as a guidance factor and not as a decisive factor in predictions and it should be taken accordingly and followed after consultation with an expert.

Numerology as it is....

Numerology is also a popular occult science dealing with numbers which may depend on ones date of birth or a day of action plan, etc... and again serves as a guiding light in the choice of our activiites. As improperly understood it will not serve as a tool prediction and it will only give an overall view of the situation in demand or probability for a person in command.

The true science means nothing more nothing less…The exactness is what science aims to achieve…! -Jyothisha Kesari Lakshminarasimhaiah The science of knowing