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Birthing is a normal phenomenon which is happening every minute on this earth. The women’s body, cells and genes are flooded with more information than all the researches put together regarding natural and normal birthing. So if allowed and properly supported without interfering with the normal process which is spontaneous, the whole pregnancy period can be a real pleasure.

Yoga has a very meaningful prescription for a healthy pregnancy. If we had maintained the body and mind in its proper, healthy status there is no cause for concern. But as we have failed in this aspect, we need to re-adjust our living style to cope with the pregnancy requirements.

Women are unnecessarily anxious, worried, fear stricken about such a natural phenomenon. If we observe, nothing about pregnancy is to be manually handled other than initiating the process. Once the process is triggered, the body knows where to deposit the fertilized egg, the body knows how to form the baby’s organs, knows how and when to bring baby to life, knows what kind of food it requires during different phases of pregnancy, knows how to redistribute the nutrients to nourish the baby and the mother as well, and it also knows when it is the right time to send the baby out of the womb.

Taking the major part of pregnancy into account we have hardly anything to do but listen to the body’s signals, only to fulfil the responsibility of supporting such a marvellous phenomenon.  The modern approach to pregnancy is more aggressive than friendly and caring. Most of the time caring outfit the hospital personnel wear on their faces is only to keep the patient with them and not with a genuine concern about wellbeing of the patient. It is very important to make the women believe in herself and her in built capabilities than to unnecessarily burden her with useless pathological information and implications etc. and her caretakers with extortionate hospital bills.

If, at home, the ignorant myths held by the people near and dear about pregnancy, are spoiling the ease and comfort of the very pleasant journey for the expecting lady, many doctors are unnecessarily inducing fear for the financial benefit of the organization they are working for. Unnecessary rests are advised; unnecessary dietary regulations are imposed and excessive food is fed which not only takes away the emotional freedom of a would be mother but also severely hampers her mental peace and physical fitness. People taking care of the pregnant woman should never feed her anxiety (which is not called for in the first place), instead make sure she carries on her normal activities but with little extra caution.

All these millions of past years the so called specialized doctors did not exist to take care of the baby or the mother but still the population spur could hardly be controlled! Interfering with a natural process has been a serious flaw in modern medical approach. On special occasions which warrant medical intervention, it certainly is wise to approach a well-qualified doctor but not and never otherwise. It will be a wise practice if pregnant women keep the visit to the doctor at a bare optimum requirement and never more than that.

Simple things to know during pregnancy can be;

Simplest meditation could be

Any natural phenomenon is bound to be wonderful, requiring less effort and very pleasant. With the necessary preparation of your emotions you can have the best of experience with the life’s most miraculously joyous journey.  

Happy and wonderful birthing….!

-Shekhar TV

Pregnancy is but Natural