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Jai Gurudev

I first met Kamala Bharadwaj while doing my morning Sadhana two days after visiting Bangalore Ashram of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She is incredibly friendly lady who is committed o spreading Truth, Peace and Joy through her yoga School named SATYA YOGA. She is a TRUE Yogini on the Path to enlightenment AND IS PROVIDING VALUABLE SEVA to the world through her company. She has taken big commitment to use her konwledge and skills to uplift her fellow human beings. Kamala has a compassionate nature and joyful presence and I wish her well on her life path and encourage all people to sit with her and enjoy happiness. She is like her name suggests a most wonderful FLOWER. May GOD Bless her.


Zimbabwe Cricket Player/Coach

Yoga is an experience, would not be really difficult but I believe it has to be felt or lived through rather decorating it in definitions. It is beyond those carved out postures & techniques, it is about transforming yourself into a better human being. When I first met Kamala at Cubbon Park, I never knew that One meeting will have such an impact on me and change the way I pursue things. Not only Kamala is a good friend but she indeed is a great mentor. The association that I have with her has been more than fulfilling and I look forward to continue such interactions with her.

Healing is a blessing. When I can bring that smile on your face I am truly blessed.

        -Kamala Bharadwaj

I was so impressed with the first meeting I had with her and her views on Nutrition and Yoga. I decided to conduct a special program in my colony on "The benefits of Yoga". The crowd participation was across all ages and it made the meet all the more interesting.

Its only because of her, I am able to see such a positive development in me. She has some incredibly positive way of approaching things which just takes away my stress or concerns. She is not only a good Yoga teacher but a wonderful, amazing human being.

Love you Kamala, and All the best for all your endeavors.

Sr. Manager: Equity Advisory, KOTAK SECURITIES, Bangalore

Words of Satisfaction….

Health condition before taking up Satya yoga :
Health condition was good and normal but used to feel very tired soon because of which I used to get angry very frequently and later on I entered depression.
Health condition after taking Satya Yoga:
After each class of yoga, I was a "new me" and come out refreshed. I am able to handle issues smoothly and feel energetic the entire day.
Satya yoga has given me a new life and a life changing personality. It has helped me to find a "New Me". Unlike after a workout in gym, I've never felt stress and fatigue
here at satya. Instead I come out refreshed and energetic and keep this spirit the entire day.
Even in the most stressful times, "MEDITATION", which I learnt from Satya yoga has given me strength and patience to handle any situation smoothly.
Kamala Bharadwaj, whom I am blessed to have as my YOGA GURU, has shown me a new light and new path. Asanas which I thought, I would take years to learn was learnt in minutes! She taught me techniques which made it a miracle yet real. I have now become more confident and have obtained unknown strengths which apparently people close to me have noticed and also complimented me for the same.
It has given a new glow and charm to my face because of which I have stopped going to beauty salons for months together.
I always look forward to attend her class and simply love learning more and more from SATYA YOGA.

Director, Lotus Printers Pvt. Ltd.
Entrepreneur, Bangalore

Vatsalya V Mishrikoti

My condition before starting yoga workouts : very bad, short temper, thyroid,

My condition after starting yoga workouts : it has improved to a great extent

After joining satya yoga, I have begun to feel “Yoga is life and Life is Yoga”. Yoga has brought a great difference in my health conditions. Holistic approach employed at Satya is better than peripheral approach. I have seen a difference in my own physical, mental, and emotional spheres after attending Kamala Bharadwaj's classes, which aims at holistic healing.

My thyroid levels have come to normal.

Migrane is reduced significantly (I love the way Pranayama was taught in the class)

Flexibility is improved : the stretching exercises have made a visible difference to the flexibility of my body

I have come to realize that Learning Yoga from a right and qualified person is highly beneficial. I am proud to have made the right decision to have joined Satya and I thank Kamala Mam for her wonderful training … love you mam.....

R Hemavathi

My condition before starting yoga workouts : high stress

My condition after starting yoga workouts : stress level has come down , I feel more energetic, I am not short tempered now

Yoga, when practiced with dedication and understanding the significance of each asana, Pranayama, mudra, kriya will have its complete effect on one's life. This can only happen when we get instruction from a good instructor . According to me , my Guru Kamala Bharadwaj, is a very good instructor and The Best Teacher in my life

After attending her classes, it has really helped me in a very short span of time. Her class and her company has significantly reduced my stress levels. Now, I am able to be a lot more positive in situations that would stress and frustrate me before. I am so calm and my temper is in control

She has helped to deal and handle situations at ease to be able to lead a calm life

I am very thankful to her , Thank you Mam :)

Ashik Muthappa

My condition before starting yoga workouts : anxiety, high stress, mood swings

My condition after starting yoga workouts : I have improved my 'Time management'

It has been around 3months of experience here with Kamala, It has been a wonderful experience. I have also had the Counseling sessions here with Kamala. I definitely see the difference in my headache patterns. I am being more active and my body feels a lot lighter

The journey through her class feels very interesting. Asana practiced here feels so good on the body. Kamala explains the effect of each asana one's body and mind by taking us through the benefits of each asana while we are in the posture.

Yoga should be learnt from a person who really knows and understands the person as a whole. I must say kamala does complete justice to knowing everybody in the class.


Date of birth : 24.12 2006

It was my mother who first joined for classes at Satya. She told me that Kamala mam's classes are interesting and very nice and hence, I also joined now, I am happy for having joined.

My condition before starting yoga workouts :  overweight , rude and slightly arrogant, always had cold (kapha body), I used to be very angry with my younger brother

My condition after starting yoga workouts : I am losing weight . I am still taking classes at Satya with Kamala mam. My cold is significantly reduced. I can feel that I am not as angry on my brother as I used to be . Thank you :)

Radhika Shah

Once Kamala Mam did a Free workshop on Yoga in our apartment (Gagan Darshan), that is when I was introduced to her and inspired to join her class. It was further fueled with my parents constant advice to join a well trained yoga instructor. After I got introduced to Kamala mam, I truly feel Yoga is so worth its time !

My condition before starting yoga workouts :  uterus cervix, white discharge, headache, hair fall, low BP, I had four abortions and water retention in the stomach

My condition after starting yoga workouts : Yoga learnt from Kamala mam has made a significant change in my body. My BP was normal (120/80) for the first time in 8 years !! I have always felt energetic and fresh after yoga class.

Sharadhi S Shetty

My condition before starting yoga workouts : severe headache, mental stress, body ache, severe mental and physical pain during menstruation , frustration and anger

My condition after starting yoga workouts : once I started practicing Yoga, till today I don't remember the onset of headache ever again. At times I would worry for simple issues and now, I am  able to confidently handle bigger issues much better. I am now, so relaxed that I don't even let such thoughts enter my mind. I could not focus on a single concept the whole day but now, I can do it being stress free. I have experienced extreme pain (both physically and mentally before yoga), now my health is drastically improved. In retrospect am now sensitive enough to feel,the unnecessary pain people around me experienced because of my anger. Now, no fights at home ! (not even during my monthly cycles).

My mentor is a wonderful person. I always look forward for her Yoga class. She explains the cause and effect behind both the disease as well as its root cause and the yogic treatment accordingly. Now I have ways to deal with my anger and frustration without causing any pain to people around.

If there is anybody out there to call out and claim : “There is no use doing Yoga” , I shall (prove my worth being a yoga practitioner by passion and lawyer by profession) object and claim that 'I FIRMLY DISAGREE'


Date of birth : 1st feb 2001

My condition before starting yoga workouts :  very lazy, inactive. Always preferred watching TV over anything else. I had negative thoughts, felt incapable of doing most of the activities, my body was not flexible and I had a hunch back. Even if I persuaded doing a minor activity , I felt tired very soon.lack of immunity. During vacations I felt sick, experienced headache and heat boils appeared often on my body. Suffered from bacterial infection. I was always impatient and short tempered

My condition after starting yoga workouts : yoga has brought a significant change in my behavior and attitude. It has developed me as a very humble human being. As I started falling in love with the exercises, I began feeling more energetic and I am now seeing the positive changes in myself. I feel like a totally different person. My thinking has changed to be an optimist now. I have self confidence now and believe am capable of doing anything. My body is feeling light and flexible. My posture is getting better. My immunity has improved and I don't feel tired anymore. Am I the same person is what I feel when I see a lot of patience in myself. I always felt sleepy and now, I always feel fresh and active.

I really thank my yoga Guru 'Kamala Mam' for all the positivity am experiencing now. She always encourages everybody in the class irrespective of their postural perfection. If anybody is not able to do a particular asana I like the way she rubs her positivity on them by saying, 'In just a little while even you will also be doing this', for now – just focus on practicing ! She is always very sweet and motivates me to get better with each passing day. I really appreciate Kamala mam's hard work, patience and perseverance with all of us. You are too good mam, Thank you for having taken such a responsibility!

Feedback on the wellness workshop for 3 days at IIST, Thiruvananthapuram

It was when I was given the task of conducting a session for International Yoga Day on 21st June 2016 , Kamala Bharadwaj was invited from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram to give a talk on “Living without Medicine” for Scientists at IIST. I was indeed scared whether it would justify inviting a speaker from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram for speaking about Yoga, to eveyone's surprise I must say that it was a Spectacular speech which linked the artistic and scientific aspects of yoga . The experience of practicing yoga and having benifitted through it was clearly observed in her speech . It almost transformed everyone's thinking about yoga and inspired many

The Institution was impressed with the feedback and hence, she was called again for a detailed three day workshop for the first year students as an Induction program on Yoga. Needless to say, students were delighted with the experience. Most of them asured that they will practice yoga everyday. Students were offered not only practical sessions but also theory and interactive based sessions wherein they opened up naturally and they could clearly know their levels of strength and flexibility  along with mental endurance. Theory sessions were aimed at teaching the science of yoga which included sessions on yogic diet, pranayama, meditation , focussing on living without medicine, techniques to improve their concentration, reduce stress and finally Holistic Living

IIST fraternity thanks Kamala Bharadwaj for shedding light on holistic living which is the need of the hour . We wish you good luck for all your endeavours ahead

Chakravarthy P, Ph D

Associate Professor at IIST

At Karnataka Engineers' Academy

Health condition BEFORE yoga workout : i was diagnosed to be hypertensive at the age of 33 & i was put on medication . initially i was put on oral medication later it led to gout and further diabetes and crrently i am also diagnosed with thyroid.

Health condition AFTER yoga workout : though i kept myself active with regular suryanamaskara practices, it did not help me much but after i joined satya yoga, i learnt the technique right which made a positive difference noticibly on my health from the day one ! I was glad to feel the difference. this induced a lot of positivity and confidence and I stopped taking medication in just a matter of 15 days on a trial basis and now I have never got back to that phase of taking medicines again , i do yoga practices instead regularly

Feedback : I would make a point on stopping medication for whatever is the illness you have. basically you have to understad your own body-mind constitution, and test yourself if you can withstand internal / external pressures and remember that medicines are nothing but SWEET POISON. you need to have a strong will power to resist taking medicines and more importantly start building your immuniy within. However, as a word of caution , abstinence from medicine should be done under medical supervision initially until your symptoms become normal.

I am 57years now and with my experience I can confidently say that among all the alterative medicines, yoga, pranayama and meditation are the most powerful ones that you can depend on. yogic exercise can make you lead a  happy and healthy ie; drug free life. 

I am eternally indebted to KAMALA BHARADWAJ, for guiding me towards the same


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