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Kamala Bharadwaj at Srilanka: If we can save the youth energy from being dissipated by negative and fissiparous tendencies, if we can harness it for the right purposes, if we are honest towards our youth, if we can give them proper orientation, I am sure they would bring about universal harmony and establish global peace.

International yoga day Classical Talk on Yoga by Kamala Bharadwaj part II

International yoga day Classical Talk on Yoga by Kamala Bharadwaj part I

International Yoga Day 2015 activities at Satya Foundation

Kamala Bharadwaj took a strong initiative of spreading the awareness on “Living Without Medicine” on the International Yoga Day and she also was invited by Sarala Yoga Vedike to perform Master of Ceremonies owing to her unparalleled capabilities as an Anchor. As a dedicated approach to Yogic living Satya Foundation has undertaken such initiatives time and again and Kamala Bharadwaj has formulated several Yogic regimens to combat that challenge.

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Kamala Bharadwaj speaks on the occasion of a discussion of learning Sanskrit conducted by Janashree TV. She was very impressed with the teaching style of Dr Ganesha Hegde and his wife at Sanskruta Sanskriti Kendra. Kamala Bharadwaj had always wanted learn Sanskrit and this platform gave a very great opportunity to fulfil her desire.

Training Yoga enthusiasts at IIST

Kamala Bharadwaj delivered a lecture on “Living without Medicine” at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Tiruvanathapuram,  on the occasion of International Day of Yoga celebrations. Her lecture was applauded as highly informative and very inspiring by the director of IIST and the other scientists who attended the program.

International Yoga Day 2016 activities at IIST, Tiruvanathapura

 The elite crowd of scientists felt the need for having a greater interaction and deeper understanding of Naturopathic and Yogic principles to stay away from medicine and live a healthier life and they have arranged for a three day workshop from August 13 to Aug 15, 2016. The workshop was conducted by Kamala Bharadwaj.

Kamala Bharadwaj speaks about importance of Sanskrit Language